Not An Animal E​.​P.

by Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside

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released April 27, 2009

Sallie Ford- Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Jeff Munger- Lead Guitar
Ford Tennis- Drums
Tyler Tornfelt- Upright Bass



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Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Danger
Is this what they call love at first sight
All full of fright and I'm face first on the floor
'Cause I got a stomach full of butterflies
When I look into your eyes
You make me want more
You are such a mystery
When you are next to me, you drive me crazy
You had me since the minute you strolled in
And even though you're cold
You make me want more
I know you could be a danger
'Cause to me you are only a stranger
Now I've got goosebumps under my skin
I know I shouldn't but I want to let you in
Now all I wanna do is hold your hand
And tell everyone that your my man
You're like the hero who fell from the sky
And now I'm fallin' too and I don't know why
You make me want more
Track Name: Write Me a Letter
Just like they took away the Polaroid picture
They're gonna take away everything that means something
Today I think I saw ten thousand cellphones
But not one decent conversation
I know that you've had the worst winter
But that doesn't mean it won't get better
Just keep on listening to Jet's to Brazil
And maybe you'll find a way to change
I'm gonna write you a letter, hope you feel okay x4
The dead claps of a typewriter
Are like the poems of E.E. Cummings
You and me we from the same damn place
The one where you can hold it in your hand
When I first met you we were pen pals
And now you're the only one left
So keep on reading those Eckhart books
And know that I am here for you
You know what they say about panda bears
They're carnivorous, and willing to learn
And I like that you're a panda bear
And I like the way that you write
So keep on listening to Sunny Day Real Estate
And know that you don't gotta change